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RARGH, the misc post attacks!
-Ok, first off, BOOK NUMBER 50: Hell yeah, I did it! And I'm really kind of reading-ed out. I over did it on the vampire books, and they sucked my soul out. (See what I did there, eh? eh?) So, Book #50 will be the last "review" I do for awhile. Until some crazy ass book just comes out and hits me with it's wonderful-ness.

The last book in my goal was Katie MacAlister's You Slay Me. Finally this author hit a good note. When she's not writing about vampires, she can do a really well put together story. When she does write about vampires, she writes a good story and tacks on a vampiric ending. A bad ending. Anywhoodle, this one was about a Guardian (I'm still not sure what this is, but she can summon demons) who goes to Paris and gets caught up in the Otherworld there. She meets a wyvern and becomes his mate. There are a lot of deaths, a demon shaped like a dog, and oddly, a lack of sex for a "chick lit" book. I kind of liked it.

-Check out my hot new Joan Halloway icon. I want to be her when I grow up.

-I have an awesome shipment of Bollywood on it's way to me. Including a fantastic special edition DVD of Om Shanti Om, which according to smokingguncafe includes a poster! A poster! Sweet!

-I have been dieting/working out. For many reasons, but mostly, I want to get my full insurance benefits next year (or two, as it's looking). And I want clothes to fit better. I'm doing pretty good (7 lbs in 6 weeks), but finding the motivation to work out is not happening.

Annnnd that's sort of all. Breaking Dawn still sucks. I still have yet to see Mamma Mia! or The Dark Knight. And I still can't believe I've been working at this job for a year now.

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I love that you have Joan as your picture. I'm in love with Mad Men. I hope you're interview went well, and I totally agreea bout having problems coming up with motivation to work out. If it weren't for Nike+ I probably never would.

My interview went...ok. They have a lot more applicants, and I won't hear back until next week at the earliest, but I think I presented myself well.

Working out just sucks. I like it, when I'm doing it, but getting there is hard.

And because it cannot be said enough: JOAN IS AWESOME.

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