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Movie #4
Lawrence of Arabia: Ok, so I'm a dumbass and didn't know that this was Peter O'Toole in this part. Yes, I know, it's the one he's extremely famous for, and yes, he was nominated for an Oscar for it. (Which, by the way, Academy? You might want to get on that whole giving-Peter O'Toole-an-Oscar thing. He's not getting any younger.) I just didn't know he was this part until I started watching and saw the blue eyes. The man was kind of a fox in his younger days. I'm just saying.

I have to wonder if movies have to be 3 hours long in order to get on the AFI list. Seriously, take a look at that list again. At least half of those movies are three hours or close to three hours long. I don't see a single one under 2 hours long. Just an observation.

Anyway, LoA: Decent. Better than The Godfather (I'm seriously holding that movie up as my "Nothing can possibly be worse than this film" film.), but not truly fantastic. Lots of desert action. Lots of British accents. I liked how the movie opened with Lawrence's death, and then proceeded to dive into why he died the way he did. It was a good choice, I thought. Overall, not a film I would put in my collection, but worth a rent and worth wasting a Sunday afternoon on.

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Haha, I kept hearing "Agrahba" the entire movie. I was sitting there going "What? Does this movie have Aladdin and Jasmine, as well?".

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