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Holy crap
The Dark Knight is crazy good. CRAZY GOOD.

Spoilers ahoy!

Ok, so first off, I should say I had a margarita right before the movie, and was really buzzed. So, all of the creepy bits were creeping me the fuck out. That pretty much amped up my review of how awesome the movie was. You need to be creeped out in order to fully get it, I think.

Let's get it out of the way and talk about Heath Ledger as the Joker. He does it right. No, he does it amazingly. That was not Heath on the screen, that was pure psychopath, exactly how the Joker needs to be played. He did this thing with his tongue and mouth that were just so...creepy. And frankly, I was disturbed by him the entire film. Does he deserve an Oscar? Hmmm, depending on the list this year, I'd say give him a nod. He made it look easy to be that fucked up. That, to me, says "good actor". It's not a sympathy vote, as you really lose any perception that it's Heath Ledger on the screen. The makeup is good, but Heath as the Joker is really phenomenal enough, that he could have played it as he looked in the shooting-the-mayor scene, and it would have been just as good, in my opinion. While he may not win the Oscar, I think a nod could be and possibly should be warranted.

Next on my list of why-this-movie-is-so-great: Harvey Dent turning into Two-Face. I'll admit, I knew going in that he would become Two-Face. Knowing that, it was interesting to see Nolan's directorial choices with that journey. The coin, the oh so subtle bridging the line between White Knight and Villain (the turning point was definitely when he tries to scare the shit out of that Joker crony in the ally), and most importantly, the multitude of profile shots and shots where half of his face was in the dark. A nod to his future. I wish we could have seen his villainy truly manifested, but I understand why Nolan had to do what he did. Also, it's the comic universe, and no one truly stays dead. (Maybe Captain America, but even I doubt that.)

Hands up, who thinks/wishes Rachel comes back as Catwoman? Even if it's just me, I want it to happen. Yes, it doesn't jive with the comic these movies are based off of (Then again, Catwoman tried that, and it didn't work.) But think how awesome that would make her story. I don't want Rachel to end up being a Mary Sue. She has the potential to become something really kick ass and fucked up, knowing this Nolan world. Think about it, Batman/Bruce chose Harvey over her. She chose Harvey over him. Hell, the Joker chose Harvey, and sort of guided him to the dark side; I sort of believe that could be telling for the future of Rachel. There is a lot of potential bitchery and badassery in that storyline for it to be brought about in a unique way.

You say she died and there is no way for her to become Catwoman? Well, one, we never see her blow up, and we never see her body. Two, the traditional story of Catwoman is that whomever she is to begin with (her alter ego, if you will) dies and is then brought back to life with cats/the power of the cat/something cat-like. So, even if "Rachel" is dead, Catwoman might still be a possibility. Three, I have a major liking of Maggie. I liked her Rachel and I like the idea of her being Catwoman. Not Angelina. Angie needs to stick to Wanted and action-y movies. Anyway, I want to see Nolan's Catwoman. Ideally, I'd love Poison Ivy or Harley Quinn, but with the Joker gone, I doubt we'll get Harley. And Ivy is fun, and I don't know how you'd make her dark enough for these movies. Then again, I haven't read the The Dark Knight series.

Last on my list of why this movie is great: It has my two grandpas, Morgan and Michael. I love these guys, and the fact that they're in every movie ever made. They just sort of pop in and kick ass, and you want to hug them for how adorable they are and look.

So overall opinion? AWESOME. With a side of creepy. It was really action packed and paced well. Every time you thought it would end, it didn't, but you weren't disappointed. And while around the two hour mark, I got a little antsy, I still thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I'll definitely be buying it when it comes out.


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