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RARGH, the misc post attacks!
-Ok, first off, BOOK NUMBER 50: Hell yeah, I did it! And I'm really kind of reading-ed out. I over did it on the vampire books, and they sucked my soul out. (See what I did there, eh? eh?) So, Book #50 will be the last "review" I do for awhile. Until some crazy ass book just comes out and hits me with it's wonderful-ness.

The last book in my goal was Katie MacAlister's You Slay Me. Finally this author hit a good note. When she's not writing about vampires, she can do a really well put together story. When she does write about vampires, she writes a good story and tacks on a vampiric ending. A bad ending. Anywhoodle, this one was about a Guardian (I'm still not sure what this is, but she can summon demons) who goes to Paris and gets caught up in the Otherworld there. She meets a wyvern and becomes his mate. There are a lot of deaths, a demon shaped like a dog, and oddly, a lack of sex for a "chick lit" book. I kind of liked it.

-Check out my hot new Joan Halloway icon. I want to be her when I grow up.

-I have an awesome shipment of Bollywood on it's way to me. Including a fantastic special edition DVD of Om Shanti Om, which according to smokingguncafe includes a poster! A poster! Sweet!

-I have been dieting/working out. For many reasons, but mostly, I want to get my full insurance benefits next year (or two, as it's looking). And I want clothes to fit better. I'm doing pretty good (7 lbs in 6 weeks), but finding the motivation to work out is not happening.

Annnnd that's sort of all. Breaking Dawn still sucks. I still have yet to see Mamma Mia! or The Dark Knight. And I still can't believe I've been working at this job for a year now.

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Oh Joan. You are so cool. I wish I had your bitchcraft.

I wish I had everything about her. Except for her Doctor fiancee. Don't get married Joan! Stay sexy and able to have fun times with Roger!

you MUST see The Dark Knight. Drop everything. Call in sick. Yeah, it's that good.

Dunno about Mama Mia!, ABBA was never really my thing. Though it might be worth it to see Meryl Streep go kitschy Broadway. Go see that one too and let me know, kay? ;)

Also, I have a book series for you--The Black Dagger Brotherhood by JR Ward. I'll probably review them as a series when I finish teh final book. They're brilliant. Also, sexy as hell.

I know, I know, I really need to see The Dark Knight. I might try and catch it Friday or Saturday. Mamma Mia will definitely be my thing, as I love ABBA, but I have the soundtrack, and Pierce Brosnan never needs to sing. EVER. He just needs to keep being Pierce and leave it at that.

That book series has been recommended to me twice now! I should see if hippie coworker has it, or go to the freaking library, like I keep meaning to....

Dammit I had it wrong the first time. I read Alan Ruck and thought Alan Thicke for some reason. They're both 80's guys, it's a common mistake. :P

I KNEW I knew that face from somewhere, though. Dr. Hood on Eureka, the volcano dude, is so awesomely fantastical, he could only be none other than my childhood dreamboat, Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Serendipity, he's still gorgeous.

I want him to be a recurring so he and Carter can be baseball watchin' buddies, all drinkin' beer and diggin' shit up whenever the town is about to explode.

I just freaking figured out that Cameron Frye and what's his name from Spin City are THE. SAME. PERSON. That amazes me.

Do you have any idea how IN LOVE WITH CAMERON I was? I would have rescued him from the bottom of that pool.

Also why are you not on AIM.

I love that you have Joan as your picture. I'm in love with Mad Men. I hope you're interview went well, and I totally agreea bout having problems coming up with motivation to work out. If it weren't for Nike+ I probably never would.

My interview went...ok. They have a lot more applicants, and I won't hear back until next week at the earliest, but I think I presented myself well.

Working out just sucks. I like it, when I'm doing it, but getting there is hard.

And because it cannot be said enough: JOAN IS AWESOME.

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